Players Profile


Nickname: ‘Coxy’ or ‘Cocka’
Age: 34
Position: half back or back pocket
Years at Heyfield – numbers of games: 23 yrs (5 juniors 18 seniors)
AFL club supported: Essendon
Childhood Hero – Afl or local: Tim Watson
Pre-game song: Venga boys – We like to party
Career highlight: 300 games 3 senior premierships 6 clubs premiership
Favorite food: chicken
Superpower: no superpower because I’m already as fast as lightning


Nickname: ‘Jiz’
Age: 27
Position: center half forward
Years at Heyfield – numbers of games: started under 12’s,14’s’16’s then 250 games from thirds seconds seniors
AFL club supported: Essendon
Childhood Hero – Afl or local: James hird/Andrew Stevens
Pre-game song: Disturbed- down with the sickness
Career highlight: Kicking a last quarter goal from 50m and Winning 2012 senior premiership
Favorite food: Isagenix
Superpower: to be able to fly


Nickname: ‘Stubbzy’ or ‘Stubba’
Age: 26
Position: Midfield
Years at Heyfield – numbers of games: 106 senior games. Played for Heyfield for a total of 14 years including juniors. 8 years of juniors 6 years of thirds and seniors
AFL club supported: Richmond tigers
Childhood Hero – Afl or local: Matthew Richardson for afl however Michael Jordan is my real childhood hero
Pre-game song: Lose yourself by Eminem
Career highlight: Winning 3 seniors premierships and one under 16s premiership under the SuperCoach mark burton.
Favorite food: classified.
Superpower: I’d like to be able to either fly or run fast for my superpower


Nickname: ‘Bay’
Age: 18
Position: backline
Years at Heyfield – numbers of games: 9 years. dont know how many juniors but 48 senior games
AFL club supported: Melbourne
Childhood Hero – Afl or local: none
Pre-game song: none
Career highlight: best player for the ngfl under 18’s in inter league
Favorite food: fruit loops
Superpower: flying